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Green Lights

C.S.O : Song writer, gospel minister

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Green Lights
Anything Is Possible
I'm Excellent ft. Icey Stanley

Comments From Listeners

pauline Nigeria|Africa 21-07-2016
Thank you Jesus. I am so inspired.
Alicia orim ogar Nigeria|Africa 08-04-2016
green light, amazing song
Rachel Nigeria|Africa 07-03-2016
Green Light! Awesome song. i rock it every day. pls can i have the lyrics. CSO i love u. u a daughter in the house. keep shinning for us.
Margrethe UK|Europe 22-12-2015
Awesome lyrics.. you are a blessing to this generation
nsimbi richard Uganda|Africa 17-11-2015
i was born to win
i am excellent
i am excellent
...ttii ttii tiiti eeehh
am singing along..waawawa
nsimbi richard Uganda|Africa 17-11-2015
Anything is possible....unique beats. i love the song
Kenneth Emmanuel Nigeria|Africa 08-09-2015
Great lyrics.. Awesome melody.
but I believe you have the ability and capacity to produce more.
Kenneth Emmanuel Nigeria|Africa 08-09-2015
Great lyrics.. Awesome melody.
You are already doing great works, but I believe you can do more(greater works) & I look forward to it.
ntsako South Africa|Africa 04-09-2015
semanda Uganda|Africa 23-08-2015
thank you for the lovely song.
Nathan Mujjabi Kalibbala Zambia|Africa 01-08-2015
Wow sister ma , you got it big time any thing with God is possible you keep doing for God.
darlington nyoka Zimbabwe|Africa 01-07-2015
i am excellent
Timothy Real Taylor Ghana|Africa 28-05-2015
Yea: Great tune this: anything Possible: Matthew 7:7* with Christ Life\'s nothing impossible ..Cheer\'s !\'\' Carissa Sharon:
Duduzile South Africa|Africa 28-05-2015
Anything is possible with God
Bro David BLW A UJ APK South Africa|Africa 22-02-2015
I can never lose, I can never fail I know I\'m excellent
Bro David BLW A UJ APK South Africa|Africa 22-02-2015
I know who I am Coz Christ lives in me
Abigail Zimbabwe|Africa 13-01-2015
I am excellent and triumphant
Boateng Moses Ghana|Africa 18-12-2014
yes indeed i\'m excellent...
l luv you so much
Shamil Agosi Botswana|Africa 28-11-2014
I know i am excellent, I am a success and i can never be broke..Thanks much C.S.O Ma, this is simply amazing..
P-Whales Nigeria|Africa 05-11-2014
I Know I\'M Excellent , I Know I\'M Excellent.....
Manyi Sylvie Cameroon|Africa 20-10-2014
I got refreshed listening to this wonderful piece .keep up the good work
R.O. Kuffuor Korea South|Asia 06-10-2014
Wow, wow, wow...! How true is the saying, \' a crab does not bring forth a bird.\' Keep up the good work!!!
Prince Asante Ghana|Africa 18-09-2014
Wooow that was excellent.
akinsira oluwatoyin Nigeria|Africa 08-09-2014
Sure you are excellency.
I love you
Raymond Nigeria|Africa 07-09-2014
C.S.O, your song is no doubt an excellent song, just like you and of course, your parents. I listen to this song, I\'m excellent again and again; I mean 100x

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