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Iyke Onka


Somewhere in the World

Iyke Onka : Award winning Music producer, Song Writer, Gospel Minister and Instrumentalist

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Somewhere in the World
The Way I Do
Solemn Anthem
Sailing (unplugged)
Prevailing Word
Fly High
Cos I love you
Come Home
Call Me

Comments From Listeners

Tatenda Zimbabwe|Africa 20-08-2016
Im in love with this song
Sis Anita Lawal Nigeria|Africa 25-05-2016
Beautiful song perfect harmony a call to action #Iyke Onka Somewhere in the world
Precious Nigeria|Africa 04-11-2014
Uplifting. soul-searching. Captivatingly-inspiring... Way up there!!!
Dandefi Nigeria|Africa 09-10-2014
Sir, your songs are soul touching. Touching in the in depth of the heart as soul lifting
Chris Nice Nigeria|Africa 05-10-2014
One thing I love about your music sir is that it makes me fall down at my feet to worship God.
Frank 14-09-2014
Iyke you belong to a higher class. Your kind of music got strong soul searching, uplifting flavor .May God bless you.
ARM Nigeria|Africa 02-09-2014
soul-piercing...spirit-strengthening...always inspiring...that\'s Iyke Onka\'s

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