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You Are a Wonder

P.U : Song Writer, Recording Artist, Gospel Music Minister.

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You Are a Wonder
Yes We do Feat. Ayo Vincent
We Glorify Ezra
Thank You
Sing for Joy
No one Like You
N -I Can Sing
My Everything Feat Ritasoul
Lord You Reign
Champions Feat A4 & GIL

Comments From Listeners

Olajumoke Charis Nigeria|Africa 09-05-2017
His songs are still the bomb. God bless you sir
Nathan Mujjabi Kalibbala Zambia|Africa 31-07-2015
Brother man you got it so give it to the world vely lovely music you are a wonder .
abigail Zimbabwe|Africa 17-07-2015
i am blessed mightily by your ministration.You are awesome!!!!!!!!!
Gabriel South Africa|Africa 08-03-2015
Sir, You\'re a 7 Star artiste. I didn\'t you\'re this Superb. Please don\'t stop. Glory to God!!!!
Stephanie Ndri Togo|Africa 04-03-2015
Excellent, Excellent! YOu\'re blessed. The songs bring so much joy to my spirit. Thank you.
KAMGA T. Louis Marie Cameroon|Africa 06-01-2015
Dear PU, this album is just awesome. I can\'t stop listening to it as it is ministering me in praise and worship. You are mightily blessed. Gloious Year of Triump. #CE-Douala
Abigail Chipatiso Zimbabwe|Africa 11-11-2014
I am so so blessed,the music is ministering to me mightily
Olajumoke Charisma Nigeria|Africa 01-07-2014
I love PU and I love his songs. God bless you too much.

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