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Israel Strong


You Are The Star

Israel Strong : Gospel Music Artist, Song Writer.

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This Year
Life of A Winner
Burnt My Bridges
Confession End
You Are The Star

Comments From Listeners

pauline Nigeria|Africa 21-07-2016
Thanks. I am blessed. I love you.
betsy Nigeria|Africa 02-05-2016
This year am shinning brighter bcoz it\'s my season. Thank you lord for all. Thank you Isreal, God bless you
harry blossom Nigeria|Africa 20-04-2016
If you are not here then you are missing, the best place to be 24/7 , I am happy, thank you LoveWorld Radio
Zanele Mute South Africa|Africa 17-02-2016
Everytime I listen to this song I feel like God has answered my prayers challenges become small, I only see success.
Brigth Bongi South Africa|Africa 12-01-2016
Thank you Sir

Its my season indeed
Blessing Nemadziva South Africa|Africa 09-01-2016
You will definitely be in the Zion choir after the rapture of the Church!powerful!
Cosmas Nigeria|Africa 09-01-2016
Nice rendition.Lovely voice.Keep flying higher..Spreading more.This is my season.
Arinda Joram Uganda|Africa 06-11-2015
halo,im a ugandan gospel singer and beyond and currently serving the lord in christ embassy church choir and i love listening to u,i love u pastor
Arinda Joram Uganda|Africa 06-11-2015
im a ugandan gospel singer serving the lord at Christ embassy uganda main church and im always greatful to listen to yo songs pastor...i love u.
princess Nigeria|Africa 30-08-2015
I really love your music alot ; life of a winner its so inspiring and have been playing it repeatedly since I downloaded it today. Keep it up in the work of the lord. U r really blessed.
darlington Zimbabwe|Africa 07-08-2015
i am blessed
ruling king Nigeria|Africa 22-07-2015
Thanks pastor. There\'s no song done by you that doesn\'t make me cry.they all give me hope for the future.i love you my pastor isreal. I always long to hear you sing on stage.
Ali-Talishi Shitenda Namibia|Africa 21-07-2015
Beautiful..I would like to hear the song you sang during ICLC! Let the fire burn
Pastor Gina Agbor Nigeria|Africa 21-05-2015
Beautiful song. Thank you Pastor Israel.
edu Nigeria|Africa 06-04-2015
beautiful one bro.i am blessed by your ministration. you are the best.
peaceable Nigeria|Africa 19-03-2015
I live a life of a winner ..God bless you.
NGAILAI CLAUDE Cameroon|Africa 03-12-2014
Betty Bruce Ghana|Africa 02-12-2014
P-Whales Nigeria|Africa 09-10-2014
One thing is for Sure I burnt my bridges.........No turning backkkkk.
P-Whales Nigeria|Africa 08-10-2014
One thing is for Sure I burnt my bridges.........No turning backkkkk
PSeyi Nigeria|Africa 18-09-2014
Wow!so inspiring and uplifting! I\'ve burnt my bridges!!

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