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Bobo me remix with Victor Ike

A. D. A : Gospel: Worship, Praise, Sing & Dance Along

Comments From Listeners

Veronica Narh UK|Europe 30-11-2016
Ada thank you so much so inspiring song very touching so much revelation of our crucified King our Lord Jesus Christ never change, never fails so hold on to His Word He never change neither His Word. This song minister so much to me. Thank you so very much for blessing me with this song so soothing.
Florence Agyeman Ghana|Africa 25-07-2016
Ada I love your songs so much ,remember I had a cousin who use to attend christ Embassy ,who use to give me your songs to listen everything at the of 17years ,but now am 23 now and am now a member of Christ Embassy at Kumasi Ghana .Ada I really love your songs am bless with those powerful songs ..Glory
Itah Nigeria|Africa 30-06-2016
Looking forward to new video.
Itah Nigeria|Africa 30-06-2016
I was part of her new video, only you. thank you for the opportunity ma. looking forward to the release of the video of the song.
Derrick Asiedu Asare Ghana|Africa 05-01-2016
I really enjoyed your song during this January Communion service with our Man of God Rev Chris.......
Derrick Asiedu Asare Ghana|Africa 05-01-2016
God bless you for being an inspiration in my life from the songs that you always launch to us.
Pastor Success Luhila UK|Europe 01-12-2015
Awwww I love ADA .. you are indeed a blessing..I love this album ... keep doing what you are doing and much more. Congratulations on your award as well .. well deserved.. x
Nsimbi richard Uganda|Africa 17-11-2015
yes..yes...your music is yes yes yes...the lyrics r aaah aaah aah yes yes yes
Benedicta Adjah Ghana|Africa 18-09-2015
Wow, I enjoy listening to your soft voice
Kanyiso South Africa|Africa 25-05-2015
Amen..Glory...the best music channel ever for me. Amandlaaa!!
paddy Malaysia|Asia 08-04-2015
you are a melody singer ,please keep
Xabonechy Nigeria|Africa 19-01-2015
Beautiful... I love the simplicity of the lyrics
Mum 30-09-2014
You are a vesel and an instrument of praise to God
Treasure Nigeria|Africa 03-07-2014
Can\'t stop loving this song YES, luv u big A.D.A
natasha South Africa|Africa 05-06-2014
Wooow so blessed bt this station it is the best n Ada is just too much wooow BLW artist are just the best

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