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Eric Da Rapman : Real names: Eric Afimia A.K.A: Eric St. Brikz; Eric Da Rapman Genre: Hip Hop/Rock/Ethnic/Reggae Rap Group: Natives of Da Rap Trybe (Defunct); Holy City (Defunct) Eric Da Rapman (as christened by his brethren in church), is a highly dynamic rapper, songwriter, and record producer, with exceptional, anointed Holy-Ghost-given flows. With his tongue like the pen of a ready writer, Eric never hesitates to write when the word comes, either through meditation of the heart and otherwise, which is evident in his lyrical content. From his dad's vast stereo record plates, he, along with his brother (DJ G-Funk) got exposed to a lot of genres right from childhood, including disco, soul, reggae, highlife, ethnic, rock, pop and hip hop. His keen interest in music prompted him to join the Boys Brigade and marching band in primary school. Born and raised in Ilorin, Kwara state to parents from Edo state, this alumni of the University of Ilorin and Masters student of the University of Lagos, gave his life to Christ at quite an early age, but the negative and notorious lifestyle of the streets had its influence on him, along with its attendant consequences at such a young age. Developing his love for basketball and hip hop, he began freestyling and rapping in junior high when he teamed up with buddy, Stressachi, and was later introduced to OG Abass & Toqz EOD, to form a rap group, Natives of Da Rap Trybe, which became a household name in the streets and on TV. When he joined Elshaddai Love Fellowship in the university, he co-started Holy City rap group and went on to bag an award as the best rap group at the Unilorin Campus All Stars in 2004. After receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, he flew solo and began honing his skills as a record producer, moving to Lagos to set up his record studio, NU NATIVE SOUNDS, working with producers & artists such as Dr Sankty, XL, and released singles, including Mboi's 'AWON ELERE', 'IGBORO HUSTLE', and the Club X-inspired song 'EPIGNOSIS' in 2011. Now out with 2 fresh singles from his forthcoming debut album slated for release before the end of the year; the singles include, 'INA NUGO' which relates the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, telling it just the way it is. The second song titled, 'TESTIMONY', basically came from the meditations of his heart.

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Comments From Listeners

GodWithUs Nigeria|Africa 11-10-2015
I have worked with him. Believe me, he is the best lyricist I have ever come across. Lovely tracks there. Keep up the good work sir.
Yomi Adetunji Nigeria|Africa 06-10-2015
Woow! Great from the rap man. Testimony had a lovely fast beat. Very easy to follow and dance to. Ina nugo is loaded with rich realities. Great work Eric! Keep it up
Bro Edward Nigeria|Africa 06-10-2015
Thank you Lord Jesus for our brother Erik the Rap Man who is ending strong in his calling in Jesus name amen. Keep it up brother and don\'t relent in the good work of propagating the gospel. We love you so much in Egbe Group Zone 2much. Win all the way.

Egbe Group

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