Partnership opportunities

OUR Projects


Our adopt-a-station campaign is a very unique platform. It gives our partners the opportunity to take complete charge of our transmissions on a station of their choice. As an individual…as one man, you can sponsor the transmission of one episode of our Radio programs on a station of your choice, You can also sponsor for a month, a quarter, half a-year or a full year.

Global Classroom Simulcast Live Transmission

This is a special platform through which partners can sponsor our monthly broadcast of the Global Classroom with Pastor Chris on Terrestrial Radio Stations around the world on any terrestrial station. We often transmit on Network/Coast-to-Coast Radio stations in order to have the widest coverage and greatest impact. This gives many around the world the opportunity to participate live in this life-changing meeting with our Man of God.

International Stations Sponsorship – Broadcast Missions

Mark 16:15 says "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature". These words of Jesus, represent for us a drive in reaching out to the billions around the world to the uttermost parts of the earth. Through our international sponsorship program, we pioneer radio transmission of our teaching programs in different nations and to different peoples around the world. We will be pioneering radio programs in regions such as Europe, North and South America, Australia, Rwanda, India, Hawaii, Jamaica and The Caribbean Islands. These regions present exciting opportunities for impact for the gospel of Jesus Christ. For instance in the United States of America alone, statistics show over 260 million people listen to radio on a daily basis.

Sponsorship of Translation

Nearly 80% of the world’s population of over 7 billion people are non-English speaking. This represents nearly 5.6 billion individuals. Through translation of our radio programs, we take the word of God to these persons and enable them receive the great truths of the gospel right in their local languages. Our programs are presently translated in 60 languages other than English viz: French, Kinyarwanda, Hungarian, Pidgin English and Hausa. We will be increasing this number and creating opportunities for many more to hear God’s word and have their lives transformed by it. We will be adding the following languages: Spanish, Italian, Russian, Hindi, German, Mandarin, Arabic, Portuguese and Bengali

Network Partners

The Network Partnership is a special platform whereby we network entire nations or territories via a single Radio Station. The LoveWorld Radio Network partners give us a platform to saturate the airwaves and reach every area of the country through these network stations airing coast to coast in their regions.

Internet Radio

Our Internet Radio station continues to gain grounds and expand its impact. In the year 2017, we transmitted several premium live programs with our Man of God including the monthly Global Classroom with Pastor Chris and the New Year eve service. We received responses from even nations seemingly closed to the gospel such as China, United Arab Emirates, Dubai etc and have several testimonies. The Internet radio is a unique opportunity given to us by the Spirit of God to take advantage of the virtual world and impact this community of people with the message of Christ. LoveWorld Internet Radio is growing rapidly in listenership and making impact around the world.