Prayer For The October Global Classroom Simulcast

Prayer For The October Global Classroom Simulcast Transmission:

Pray for our Global Classroom Simulcast for the month of October, that as we spread the gospel to the ends of the earth through our unique platform, many more will come to the knowledge of Christ. Pray for them, that their hearts are tuned rightly to receive this glorious message, and that the message will meet them at their very point of need.


Prayer For All The Platforms That Are Transmitting This Service‎:

Pray for the all the platforms that will be streaming the Global Classroom Simulcast, that through them millions of lives will be reached and impacted. pray that they will function with wisdom and the transmissions will be seamless and excellent.
Prayer For Our Partners
Finally, Pray for our esteemed partners that as they continually sponsor the spread of the gospel, God will continually increase them financially and cause more and more doors of opportunity to be opened unto them. 


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