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Ruth Oyiowu Nigeria|Africa 01-09-2016
thank you pastor truly the word of God works and is working for me.
Sis Infinity Odugbe Nigeria|Africa 12-08-2016
Thank you Pastor Sir. The word truly works .Am so grateful to be part of this great ministry. I love you my live coach.
zoe maarman South Africa|Africa 16-05-2016
Thank u MOG the word is trully working mightly Amen .
Namsa Krawa South Africa|Africa 20-11-2015
Thank you Pastor Sir for transforming our lives with the Word of God.
Gladys Gertrude Kanengoni Zimbabwe|Africa 28-07-2015
Thank you Pastor for your word every morning, I listen to it before I wake up
OKIKE EMMANUEL OGBONNA Nigeria|Africa 12-07-2015
Kelvin kakeza Zambia|Africa 25-05-2015
Thank you pastor sir I\'m so bless because of the word of God my life Is not be the same.thank u sir
Princess Thinane South Africa|Africa 11-05-2015
Pastor thank you so much for the word. Iam so blessed
Lloyd Matenga South Africa|Africa 15-04-2015
Amen, thank you Pastor Sir for the Word.
agbor lydian ebob Cameroon|Africa 06-04-2015
Thank you pastor sir the word of god is the only word that we can have spiritual understanding
George Kapalaula Zambia|Africa 06-04-2015
Thank you pastor Chris for the message about spiritual understanding. it just changes my attitute towards the word of God. May the spirit of God increase the degree of his truth (word) in my life and in the lives of other brethlens. God richly bless you.
Okyere Terry Ghana|Africa 31-03-2015
Thank you Pastor for giving us this platform to get the Word of God. love you!!!
AMBROSE EXCEL Nigeria|Africa 15-03-2015
waho.. I\'m faith filled. I\'m grateful pastor
APEKHENA AMBROSE Nigeria|Africa 15-03-2015
waho! I\'m faith filled by the word. Thanks pastor
Princess Thinane South Africa|Africa 23-02-2015
Thank you Pastor for the grace am so blessed AMEN.
Justice Arthur Ghana|Africa 17-02-2015
Thank you so much. I\'m blessed!
Pastor Newsome Nigeria|Africa 10-02-2015
I\'m really blessed by this message. Thank you Pastor Sir.
Azinwa chukwudalu Nigeria|Africa 09-02-2015
Thank you very much Pastor, i have been inspired.
Princess Thinane South Africa|Africa 09-02-2015
Justice Arthur Ghana|Africa 06-02-2015
Yes! I\'m a superman, I\'m born again. Thank you Pastor.
violet Lesotho|Africa 01-02-2015
Thank you Pastor
violet Lesotho|Africa 01-02-2015
Thank you pastor
Hannah Yates Liberia|Africa 29-01-2015
Amen and Amen
Ejekwu Daniel Ugo Liberia|Africa 29-01-2015
I\'m shinning by the power of the Holy Ghost, nothing can stop me, its my season, its my time.
Justice Arthur Ghana|Africa 27-01-2015
I\'m blessed. Thank you
Justice Arthur Ghana|Africa 27-01-2015
Im blessed. Thank you
onalenna magaga Botswana|Africa 23-01-2015
Praise the Lord.Halleluiah!
onalenna magaga Botswana|Africa 22-01-2015
Thank you for the inspired thought.I am justified. God bless.
KWAME ZOE Ghana|Africa 14-01-2015
Thank you Pastor for these inspiring words. I\'m soo blessed.
BEAUTY SOLOMON-SHAKA UAE|MiddleEast 23-12-2014
Thanks Pastor, I see and believe the word of God is working in my life.
Cecilia Muchechesi Zimbabwe|Africa 03-12-2014
Thank you Pastor Sir
The Word is producing results in my life.
sylvia Aniekwe Ekaete Nigeria|Africa 27-11-2014
God is faithful. It is still our year of Greatness but Mighty things will be spoken of us these last days left and the shout of the king will be heard from our cities in the name of Jesus Hallelujah.
agbor lydian ebob Cameroon|Africa 24-11-2014
Thank You Pastor Sir when l listen to the word l am full because it is food and medication in my body thank you sir.
Jean Brohan Ireland|Europe 03-11-2014
Pastor Chris, I am so encouraged by The Word of God that you share. God Bless you richly.
kelvin kakeza Zambia|Africa 02-11-2014
Pastor thank you for the LoveWorld Internet Radio, I am so Blessed. I listen everyday and my life has changed. God bless u Pastor Chris, I love you
feix gondo Zimbabwe|Africa 30-10-2014
Thank you Pastor Sir. I will fill my heart with the Word of God.
MONICA IHUNWAEZE Nigeria|Africa 28-10-2014
Giftycummings Sierra Leone|Africa 28-10-2014
My Mind Is Programed For Gods Word Am Not Yielded To Canal Things But To The Word Of God
Abby chapfika Zimbabwe|Africa 18-10-2014
I have access to inexhaustible and inestimable wealth.
amos Ghana|Africa 18-10-2014
Thank you sir,i\'m so blessed by the word today.
Lloyd matenga South Africa|Africa 17-10-2014
Amen. Thank you Pastor Sir. I love you!!!!
olivia zavidze South Africa|Africa 16-10-2014
thank u Pastor! I win every day
kelvin kakeza Zambia|Africa 16-10-2014
Thank you Pastor for the Loveworld Internet Radio. I listen every day at work and me and my life has changed. God bless you
Neo Rabosgo Zimbabwe|Africa 13-10-2014
Thanks Pastor, the word of God is life every time.
Neo Rabosgo Zimbabwe|Africa 13-10-2014
Thanks Pastor, the word of God is life every time.
ochiedu felix Nigeria|Africa 10-10-2014
Thank you pastor, this is sweet, whao!
P A Monthe 06-10-2014
Thanks Pastor for changing the worlrd. You are really a blessing
matthew oladapo Nigeria|Africa 23-09-2014
Thanks pastor! You\'ve given me another mind-set, through the word.
Tessy Dickson Nigeria|Africa 23-09-2014
I am so blessed by the testimony, thank so much Pastor for the word of truth and faith.
JOY PETER New Zealand|Oceania 23-09-2014
Thanks Pastor. God\'s word is yes and Amen.Thank you Jesus
Dinga Victor Qatar|Asia 21-09-2014
Kenneth Nigeria|Africa 19-09-2014
Wow,wow,wow am loving this.this is my first time on the this radio site.Cudose to u guyz
sis Uche Wopara Nigeria|Africa 19-09-2014
Thank you sir! I m always blessed when ever I listen to you,His grace is mightly upon me! Glory!!!
karyn Nigeria|Africa 18-09-2014
Wow! thank u sir, this has thought me a whole lot more. I now understand better what it means to enjoy my life, because grace brings me pleasure
precious Ezekiel Nigeria|Africa 18-09-2014
Pastor thank you sir!
Ntui Franca Nigeria|Africa 12-09-2014
Good morning Pastor Sir and thank you for this great opportunity. I work in the grace today and always, I recognize the grace of God at work in me Gloryeeeeeeeeee
Ognatius Chironga Zimbabwe|Africa 11-09-2014
No one else has ever made God\'s love real to me, the way you do. I am so grateful. I collect grace for my finances, everything I ever wanted to do is financially Catered for in God\'s grace.
Grace Lawson Nigeria|Africa 05-09-2014
Thanks Pastor. I declare that as I meditate on God\'s word my mind is renewed and transformed into that which the Lord said concerning me in His word. AMEN!!!
SYLVIA ANIEKWE EKAETE Nigeria|Africa 04-09-2014
Thank you Jesus.we’re His co-laborers and partners, working together with Him to reach the lost and bring salvation to the hopeless and down Trodden. This is our primary responsibility as Christians.Hallelujah.
Rebekka N. Ajilo Namibia|Africa 03-09-2014
Amen, thank you Pastor, The word of God is real and truth. nothing too difficult to Him. Thank you Pastor as you are inspiring us with the word of God. Praise the Lord
Kajang Martins Nigeria|Africa 03-09-2014
Thank you Pastor for transferring this virtue to me, it makes me look bigger, I am blessed.
Nonzame Buso South Africa|Africa 03-09-2014
Sir Pastor Chris, I thank God for choosing you as His Instrument to deliver the good news to His people, Sir you have changed my life, the way you explain the word of God is amazing, thank you Pastor Chris, may God Almighty bless you abundantly in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ AMEN.
George Kapalaula Zambia|Africa 03-09-2014
Thank you Pastor Chris for the ever fresh word of God. May the Almighty God continue filling you with his word daily. My prayer is that I may discover the mystery behind the sweetness of His word.
TMD Nigeria|Africa 01-09-2014
Thank you LORD for this deep insightful thought of those little little voices you always bring when listening to your words through Pastor CHRIS... I am grateful LORD
Ahiabor George Ghana|Africa 25-08-2014
Thanks Pastor Chris for teaching me why Papa God has created me. God blessed you and more anointing.
Lucky Gapare South Africa|Africa 23-08-2014
Thank you sir for revealing the Word of the Master. Glory to God.
Davison South Africa|Africa 15-08-2014
Thank you Pastor for a powerful word. Glory be to Jesus Christ our Saviour!!
Nnamso Anthony Nigeria|Africa 30-07-2014
Thank you so much Pastor. these words are truly for me today. so inspired
maureen senyah Ghana|Africa 23-07-2014
thank u pastor for the word. the word of GOD is living n active in me.
Prince Effiong Nigeria|Africa 20-07-2014
Thank you sir for those powerful words. They are uplifting. Thank you sir.
Princess Thinane South Africa|Africa 10-07-2014
Thanks Pastor am inspired by the word and bless glory Hallelujah!!
Okpara Paul Nigeria|Africa 04-07-2014
Thank u sir I was blessed and am dreaming big dis half of the year
Michelle Ukraine|Europe 16-06-2014
wow! I win ALWAYS!!! glorray! Thank you Pastor!
Blessing Aguwah USA|NorthAmerica 10-06-2014
Pastor sir, Thanks teaching us the Word of God, we love you sir .We are so blessed to have you in our generation.
Pst. Chinyelu Nigeria|Africa 06-06-2014
Pastor Sir, Thank you very much for helping us discover ourselves through your teachings from the word of God. Today we dont only talk the word but we live the word as well. No more limit/s, all because u came. Thank you Sir.
Mpumi Nkosi South Africa|Africa 05-06-2014
Praise the Lord thank you for the word of today im blessed indeed
Josephine Namibia|Africa 05-06-2014
thanks pastor.praise praise the living GOD.
Gamuchirai Neshena South Africa|Africa 04-06-2014
Thank you Pastor. Iam inspired by the message to look inside
Goitsemang Mangadi Botswana|Africa 29-05-2014
Thank you Pastor for the word that is always giving life to my Spirit may God Richly Bless you and your family. We are blessed to have have you.
Princess Thinane South Africa|Africa 30-04-2014
My family and i are so blessd by the internet radio. thank you Pastor for the word of God.
Fortune C.O Nigeria|Africa 23-04-2014
Many thanks to Pastor Chris for unveiling to me the material (Word of God) to live exceptionally great life. Praise God forever!
Benedict Rosemary Nigeria|Africa 10-04-2014
Pastor, you are wonderful. The words that comes out of your mouth are not ordinary words. Thank you for impacting my life and God bless you more in your life ministry.
nthabiseng elda South Africa|Africa 09-04-2014
thank u Pastor Chris for the word that u give to us and may God bless u more n more. The word truly works
Marethabile Tsumane Lesotho|Africa 25-02-2014
I love u Mom and Dad.U are the best.
Fortune C.O Nigeria|Africa 05-02-2014
Many thanks to my Great man of God, Pastor Chris for the message. Indeed it's been my year of greatness. All things for sure are working for my good. Only Fortune, progress, victory @every count belongs to me 2014 and beyond. Glory to our God!
Prince Anikpe Nigeria|Africa 03-02-2014
Thank you sir, so am blessed by the word for today.
Rev. James Vorvor Libya|Africa 18-01-2014
Thanks so much Pst. Chris for this great revelation of greatness for the year 2014. Its from the throne of grace, from the heart of God, therefore, i urge every believer not to take this greatness lightly. For me I have started seeing and enjoying it already.Just yesterday, I registered for the awesome school Ministry for this April, and by God's grace i will attend it for great anointing and upliftment. I thank you so much for piece of advice on how to deal with the promises in Isaiah 60, May God bless you so much
Xiluva mncube South Africa|Africa 16-01-2014
Amen the year of greatness was truely meant 4 me. The Lord is maginifing me in a great way thank Pastor for bringing this word to my attention.
jolly Nigeria|Africa 14-01-2014
It's so beautiful and inspiring to be here, this is the best place to be. Thanks to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for freely giving us the word to enjoy.
Nokuthula jali South Africa|Africa 12-01-2014
Message of today arise and shine
Maria oyebadejo UK|Europe 30-12-2013
The path of righteousness is like a shining shine everyday everytime #cemans2zone1
Maria oyebadejo UK|Europe 30-12-2013
Yes Lord am the light of the world #cemans2zone1
Maria oyebadejo UK|Europe 19-12-2013
I have found Grace with God #cemans2zone1
Maria oyebadejo UK|Europe 19-12-2013
I am growing in Grace every time of my life
Maria oyebadejo UK|Europe 19-12-2013
Thanks Sir, I reap Grace for Grace.
Maria Oyebadejo UK|Europe 18-12-2013
Sir am always in moon whenever I hear the message, thank you so much . I'm the word that is written.
Maria oyebadejo UK|Europe 18-12-2013
Thanks Sir I enjoy the word and I do the word as it is said #cemans2zone1
efe .l.onos Nigeria|Africa 17-12-2013
Thank you for the message...l have no option but to preach the gospel.
Dcns. Safia Ahmadu Nigeria|Africa 15-12-2013
Thank you Pastor for teaching the Word of God, today I activate the miracle working power of God in my life by speaking in tongues. I speak forth mountain moving words to change daring situations for the glory and praise of God!! I love you Lord!!
Dcns. Safia Ahmadu Nigeria|Africa 12-12-2013
Thank you for the teaching of the Word of God. Truly I acknowledge the power of the Spirit of God that works in me and energizes me for victory and progress in all areas of my life. My life is for the glory of God, so I cannot fail or be defeated. I have the anointing of the Spirit working in me mightily! Praise God!!!!
pastor Adams Jones Rwanda|Africa 11-12-2013
Wow just enjoy pastors message this morning. so inspiring and uplifting.Thank you all the LWR team for the great work you\'re doing all.Love you all
Annette USA|NorthAmerica 30-11-2013
Thank u for the word today it is very inspiring.
Annette Sam, Brooklyn, NY
David A. Nigeria|Africa 30-11-2013
Thank you pastor for this beautiful insight on God\'s grace and mercy. I\'m so Blessed!
Dcns. Safia Ahmadu Nigeria|Africa 28-11-2013
Thank you Pastor, I declare today that I live in the atmosphere of the miraculoue
enia South Africa|Africa 03-11-2013
Thank you Pastor. I refuse to live an average life. Jesus become poor for my sake
Pastor Nonso Okafor Nigeria|Africa 02-11-2013
Thank you so much Pastor for the Word in season.
City Centre, Port Harcourt Zone 1
Klenam Agbavor Ghana|Africa 19-10-2013
Dear Pastor,we are most grateful for the opportunity. we are going somewhere to happen in jesus name. CE Accra Ghana Zone
Petronella Ganje Zimbabwe|Africa 19-10-2013
Thank u pastor for the LoveWorld Internet radio, i listen to it most of the time at work. And i can boldly say i`m uplifted and it has changed my life.
Dcns. Safia Ahmadu Nigeria|Africa 19-10-2013
Pastor, thank you for the Loveworldglobalclassroom Radio, I am so blessed. I listen to the radio every morning. God bless you continuously for us in Jesus name!
hancy owairu Libya|Africa 19-10-2013
Thanks pastor the word of God truly works.

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